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Power Rangers
Wouldn't Hurt So Bad

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Wouldn't Hurt So Bad
Suggested by PinkRanger2000

Wouldn't Hurt So Bad

I've never met somebody
That does what you do
Takes my emotions and makes each one
Feel brand new
Trouble is there is someone
Been here in my heart
So now I've gotta put an end to what I've
Been dying to start

And it wouldn't hurt so bad
If it didn't feel so good
You know I'd be with you
If there was any way
I ever could

You know I wouldn't miss your touch
If I didn't want it so much
I don't want to go but I should
You know it wouldn't hurt so bad
If it didn't feel so good

Sounds like it should be easy
But it's just so hard
We've got to come to our senses
Before we go too far
I want you but I can't have you
So sad so true
You gotta be careful what you wish for
Because this could never come true


I can't help seeing
How it could be
I close my eyes

And you're here next to me
I'm helplessly watching
I start to fade
And love slip away