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Power Rangers
Romances & Heartaches

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A Section Dedicated to the Romances & Heartaches of Power Rangers

Jason & Kim
This couple from the original series have developed quite a few fans over the years....from their subtle flirting in the early episodes, to their appearance together in the Turbo movie. Jason Scott was always their when she needed him in battle....and Kimberly Hart never failed to lend support to him....

How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

It Is You

The Last Thing On My Mind

Little Moments

Kimberly & Tommy
Songs that remind me of the original Power Rangers Romance, that of Kimberly Hart & Tommy Oliver. Although their love ended long ago, it still lives on in the hearts of their loyal fans...

My Sacrifice

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

What Might Have Been

In Another's Eyes

Right Here Waiting

After All These Years

Holdin' Her and Lovin' You

Can You Hear Me

Tommy & Trini
Not the most popular couple, they still had a great deal of chemistry, and much in common....both were skilled martial artists, a little shy, sweet. Trini was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on to a despairing Tommy when he was losing his powers, and perhaps Tommy's sadness at seeing Trini leave was more than just the sadness of losing a friend....

She's Got You

Right Here Waiting

Katherine & Tommy
The romance of Katherine Hillard and Tommy Oliver isn't the most loved, since she replaced Kimberly, one of the favorites. But their attraction was undeniable, and they were a ground-breaking couple....


A Hundred Years

Looks Like We Made It

To Love You More

From This Moment On

You're Still The One

Andros & Ashley
This couple shared so little in common, but their chemistry was undeniable. Poor Andros had been alone for two years, wandering the galaxy...and little by little, Ashley began to open his eyes---and his heart---to a world he had tried to forget....


I Think I'm In Love With You

Kendrix & Leo
One of my favorite romances, and the favorite of many others as well, is that of Leo Corbett and Kendrix Morgan. Unfortunately, their love was never fully realized, but many fans still wonder what might have been....

From This Moment On

My Immortal

Forever and For Always

Carter & Dana
Although never officially declared a couple, the chemistry between Carter Grayson and Dana Mitchell was undeniable. They got off on the wrong foot, to a rocky start....but over time, they became good friends, and perhaps more . . .

Little Moments

Alex & Jen
The romance of Alex Drake & Jennifer Scotts was groundbreaking, to say the least. No, they never shared a kiss, they never even said those three little words...but everything changed when he looked at her and said: "Jennifer...will you marry me?" Although over long ago, this is one romance never to be forgotten....

It Matters to Me

On A Prayer


Whiskey Lullaby

Don't Speak

Spending My Time

Fading Like A Flower

Ring On Her Finger

I Owe You

I Don't Wanna Know

My Last Breath


I'll Be There For You

Too Close to Tears

Time and Time Again

Half A Heart

One For Sorrow

Another You, Another Me

Another You

So Yesterday

Tears In Heaven


For The Glory of Love

Wherever You Will Go

Open Your Eyes

Come Clean

Say Goodbye

Let Me Go

Be There With You

Back To You

Underneath Your Clothes

In It For Love

Don't Say Goodbye

Talk To Me

Better Best Forgotten

If You Ask Me To

On The Side Of Angels

When Am I Gonna Get Over You

After All

Save Up All Your Tears

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

If I Could Turn Back Time

I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore

What Might Have Been


Let Me Sleep


Here Without You

That Lovin' Feeling

Angel Eyes

Wes & Jen
Certainly one of the more tragic romances was that of Wesley Collins & Jennifer Scotts. When they first met, she was heartbroken after her fiance died in her arms...but soon she found love in his arms...only to be torn apart by destiny....

I Volunteer NEW!!!

I Love You, Always, Forever

With You

Another Place and Time

Crash and Burn

Take My Breath Away

Another You

Make A Mistake

I Will Still Love You


I Want You To Want Me

Open Your Eyes

Come Clean

A Chance

The Only Thing Wrong

I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You

Ordinary Day

Sweetest Sin

Somewhere Down The Road

Even Now

Please Remember

I Think I'm In Love With You

Wouldn't Hurt So Bad

I Said I Love You

Change the World

By Heart

Hold On To The Night

The Way



Lucas & Nadira
To say that Lucas Kendall and Nadira, the daughter of Ransik, were an unlikely couple is way understated. However, there were quickly Nadira fell for him in "Nadira's Dream Date" (although she later dumped him because he was broke)...and then, of course, that walk hand-in-hand a year later....


Eric & Taylor
Although when they first met, Eric and Taylor didn't exactly get along, over a short time they went from rivals to shy flirting. The moody Quantum Ranger and fierce Yellow Eagle were last scene running around in a field together, giggling wildly, looking hopeful for a bright future....

What's Love Got To Do With It

Shut Up

You Get Me

Cole & Alyssa
Another favorite almost-romance is that of Cole and Alyssa. Cole arrived in the city as a naive foreigner in search of the parents he never knew, and Alyssa took him under her wing, caring for him when no one else would...

You Get Me

Merrick & Shayla
A couple from the past reunited after thousands of years of separation, Merrick and Shayla struggled to find their love again....but were separated, each having to fulfill their destinies in different ways....

Another Place and Time

Cam & Tori
Cam was always the quiet, smart one who pulled them out of trouble when they needed it the most...Tori was the gutsyBlue Ranger. Together, they make an incredible couple---with him watching over her, and her always standing up for him...

You Get Me