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Power Rangers

Spending My Time

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Suggested by Shirley


What's the time?

Seems it's already morning

I see the sky

It's so beautiful and blue

The TV's on but the only showing

Is a picture of you

Oh, I get up and make myself some coffee

I try to read a bit but the story's too thin

I thank the Lord above that you're not here to see me

In this shape I'm in


Spending my time

Watching the days go by

Feeling so small

I stare at the wall

Hoping that you

Think of me, too

I'm spending my time

I try to call

But I don't know what to tell you

I leave a kiss on your answering machine

Oh, help me, please

Is there someone who can make me

Wake up from this dream?

Spending my time . . .

My friends keep telling me

Hey, life will go on

Time will make sure

I get over you

This silly game of love you play

You win only to lose


I'm spending my time

Watching the sun go down

I fall asleep to the sound

Of "Tears Of a Clown"

A prayer gone blind

I'm spending my time