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Power Rangers

I Don't Wanna Know

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Mario Winans


I just can't believe this, man
Just another night of these thoughts
Can't get this outta my head, yeah

Somebody said they saw you
The person you were kissing wasn't me
And I would never ask you
I just kept it to myself

I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
'Cuz my heart can't take it anymore
And if you're creepin', please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know

Oh, baby
I think about it when I hold you
When looking in your eyes, I can't believe
I don't need to know the truth
Baby, keep it to yourself


Did he touch you better than me?
Did he watch you fall asleep?
Did you show him all those things
That you used to do to me?

If you're better off that way
Baby, all that I can say
If you're gonna do your thing
Then don't come back to me