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Power Rangers


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Jessica Simpson


You know, I don't know what it is
But everything about you is so irresistible

Don't you try to tell me that he's not my type
To hide what I feel inside
When he makes me weak with desire
I know that I'm supposed to make him wait
Let him think I like the chase
But I can't stop fanning the fire
I know I'm meant to say no

But he's irresistible
Up close and personal
Now inescapable
I can hardly breathe
More than just physical
Deeper than spiritual
His ways are powerful
Irresistible to me
I can hardly breathe

Don't you think I'm trying to tell my heart what's right
That I should really say goodnight
But I just can't stop myself falling
Maybe I'll tell him that I feel the same
That I don't want to play no game
'Cause when I feel his arms wrapped around me
I know I'm meant to say 'no'


Can't you see
Whenever he's close to me
I really find it hard to breathe
He's so irresistible
Baby you know
It's more than just spiritual
His ways are powerful
He's so irresistable
(You're so irresistable)

(Chorus, Repeat 2x)