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Power Rangers
Temptation PREVIEW

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This is a brief excerpt from my upcoming love story about Eric and Jen, which will be posted sometime in January or February of 2005.
WARNING: This is Rated R for a graphic sex scene. If you are not comfortable with that (or under the age of 18) please do NOT read further!!!

"Quiet . . . " she purred, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it over her head; her tiny black bras---and what was hidden beneath them---looking so inviting to Eric. He reached over and touched them gently with his fingertips, making her jerk involuntarily and gasp quietly; his face softened with a smile, his eyes squinting.

"You like that?" he teased.

"It's your turn now," she replied, kneeling slowly and unzipping his pants. "Let's try something new tonight . . . " she moved her fingers to the top of his boxers, hearing the sharp intake of breath coming from above. Closing her eyes, she pulled down the underwear and slid her hands from his hips to his firm behind; a moment later, Eric groaned aloud.

"Jen . . ."

Jen pressed herself to him, he tasted like nothing she had ever tasted before, strangely pleasure, too; he thrusted into her and she jumped back slightly, but then smiled, listening to the moans he was no longer trying to hide. He reached down and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her to her feet, he could hardly speak:

"To the bed . . . now."

Jen pulled off his shoes and socks, then freed him of his pants as he scooped her up and carried her to the bed, throwing her down on the soft mattress. She landed with a playful giggle and he growled as he crawled in after her, kneeling over her panting body, frantically pulling at her tiny skirt.

"My boots first!" Jen laughed.

Eric tore off her boots and then her skirt, finally, he lowered down on top of her and cupped her face between his hands, smothering her mouth with his. His tongue slipped between her lips, her arms wrapped around his neck as they rolled onto their sides; he fumbled for the clasp in the middle of her back.

Jen reached back and undid her bra, he then pulled them off, they were finally nude, their bodies skin-to-skin; Eric pulled a light sheet over them as she wrapped her toned legs around his middle and he pounded hard against her hips. Jen slipped her hand beneath the sheet and guided him to the place between her legs, he entered her and she cried out quickly, surprised by the intensity. Now they moved together instinctively, unable to control their bodies anymore; she squeezed in around him, her muscles tensing and straining.

Their lips left each others and both closed their eyes, living in the moment of ecstasy, moaning and trying to reach a higher level. Suddenly, Jen felt him explode within her and screamed as she reached her climax, arching her back up and freezing, paralyzed.

Eric braced his hands on the front of the bed, feeling as if he would explode if he didn't release soon, and then he finally did; Jen gasped, unable to breathe as he pumped into her wildly. "Oh . . . Jen . . . " he muttered.


They fell back on the bed, exhausted, but still holding one another close; Jen turned her head, smiling over at him, her eyes glazed over. "Did I show you . . . how much I love you?" she whispered.

A gentle kiss was her reply.