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Power Rangers

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Suggested by SilverRider


Here I am just longing for you once again
If your arms would only let me in
You'd see the mess I'm in
I have dreamed your heart will come and rescue me
Oh, baby set me free
Only your love can win

You are only a heartbeat away
Baby, and my love one day will find you it will remind you
When it comes your way . . . ohh, when it comes your way

Here I am my heart in the palm of your hand
Your every wish is my command
Darling, understand
If I live a lie
Then all my dreams are doomed to die
Oh, baby just let me try
To have my heart's desire


But my feelings are in vain
Just like feelings they won't go away
My love remains
In my heart we'll always stay


You are always in my heart to stay, baby
Love comes once in a lifetime
I think it's high time
Our hearts beat as one
Our hearts beat as one