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Power Rangers

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Edward Laurence Albert was born on February 20th, 1951 to actor Eddie Albert and Spanish dancer/actress, Margo. His birthplace is Los Angeles, CA. He was given his middle name because of his godfather, Sir Laurence Olivier. He is 6"0.

Edward has an IQ of 157 and is fluent in five different languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, French, and Mandarin Chinese. He has been married to Kate Woodville for 26 years, they have one daughter.


TV Shows

She Spies (2003)

as "Beck"

Ep. "Off With Her Head"

The Brothers Garcia (2002)

as "Bobby Juniors Dad"

Ep. "Space Race"

Resurrection Blvd. (2001)

Ep. "Compadres"

Chicken Soup for the Soul (1999)

Ep. "The Giving Tree"

Ep. "Simple Wooden Boxes"

Ep. "A Birthday Song"

Ep. "The Heart of Christmas"

Port Charles (1999)

as "Dr. Bennett Devlin"

Martial Law (1999)

as "Bain"

Ep. "End Game"

Nash Bridges (1999)

Ep. "Angel of Mercy"

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1998)

as "Diamond Dave LaRouche"

Ep. "You Bet Your Family"

Mike Hammer, Private Eye (1998)

as "Leader of Robbers"

Ep. "Gone Fishing"

Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

as "Voice of the Sheriff"

Ep. "Grundelesque"

Ep. "The Jersey Devil"

Conan (1997)

as "Dor"

Ep. "The Heart of the Elephant"

High Tide (1997)

as "Robert Janson"

Ep. "Ghost Story"

The Sentinel (1997)

as "Dan Singleton"

Ep. "Vanishing Act"

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-1997)

as "Dr. William Burke" (Recurring Character)

Ep. "Colleen's Paper"

Ep. "Ready or Not"

Ep. "Where the Heart Is"

Spiderman (1996)

as "Matt Murdock/Daredevil"

Ep. "Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 7: The Man Without Fear"

Ep. "Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 6: Framed"

The Fantastic Four (1996)

as "Voice of the Silver Surfer"

Ep. "Doomsday"

Hawkeye (1995)

as "Luc"

Ep. "The Boxer"

Fortune Hunter (1994)

as "Dave Jarrett"

Ep. "The Aquarius Intercept"

Time Trax (1993)

as "Frank Haskell"

Ep. "Treasure of the Ages"

In the Heat of the Night (1993)

as "Lamar Sloan"

Ep. "Legacy"

L.A. Law (1993)

as "Warren McElroy"

Ep. "Hello and Goodbye"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)

as "Zayra"

Ep. "A Man Alone"

Silk Stalkings (1992)

as "Edgardo/Tio Mendoza/Felix Bustamente"

Ep. "Scorpio Lover"

Bodies of Evidence (1992)

as "Charlie Harper"

Ep. "Nearest and Dearest"

Midnight Caller (1991)

as "Sen. Jordan Pearl"

Ep. "The Added Starter"

Guns of Paradise (1991)

as "Robert Carroll"

Ep. "Birthright"

Beauty and the Best (1987-1990)

as "Elliot Burch"

Ep. "Beggar's Comet"

Ep. "Nevermore"

Ep. "Walk Slowly"

Ep. "Ceremony of Innocence"

Ep. "What Rough Beast"

Ep. "A Kingdom By the Sea"
Ep. "Ozymandias"

Ep. "Shades of Grey"

Ep. "Siege"

Falcon (1986-1987)

as "Jeff Wainright"

Ep. "The Great Karlotti"

Ep. "Double Jeopardy"

Ep. "Flashpoint"

Ep. "Perilous Charm"

Ep. "Fatal Attraction"

Ep. "The Stranger Within"

Ep. "Living Nightmare"

Ep. "Aftershocks"

Ep. "Cataclysm"

Ep. "Captive Hearts"

Ep. "Consumed"

Ep. "Cease and Desist"

Ep. "Dangerous Ground"

Ep. "Unholy Alliance"

Ep. "In Absentia"

Ep. "Hidden Meanings"

Ep. "Law and Ardor"

Ep. "Flesh and Blood"

The Hitchhiker (1985)

as "Arthur Brown"

Ep. "Man at the Window"

Murder, She Wrote (1984)

as "Tony Holiday"

Ep. "Hit, Run and Homicide"

Battle of the Network Stars (1983)

"NBC Team"

Tales of the Unexpected (1982)

as "Sam"

Ep. "In the Bag"

The Love Boat (1978)

as "Doug"

Ep. "Heads or Tails"

Ep. "The Little People"

Ep. "Mona of the Movie"

Gibbsville (1976)

Ep. "Afternoon Waltz"

Police Story (1976)

as "Billy Bob"

Ep. "Bought and Paid For"

Medical Story (1975)

as "Thor Halverson"

Ep. "A Life in the Balance"

The Rookies (1975)

as "Edward Milland"

Ep. "Nightmare"

Kung Fu (1974)

as "Johnny Kingsley McLean"

Ep. "Blood of the Dragon"

Great Mysteries

Ep. "A Terribly Strange Bed"



Ablaze (2001)

as "Mayor Phillips"

Extreme Honor (2001)

as "Senator Richards"

A Light in the Forest (2001)

as "King Otto/Ridgewell"

Night Class (2001)

Butterfly (2000)

as "Wash Gillespie"

Stageghost (2000)

as "U.S. Deputy Marshal Coburn"

Unbowed (2000)

The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)

as "Athos"

Some Nudity Required (1998)

as "Himself"

USMA West Point (1998)

Mimic (1997)

as "Darksuit"

Kid Cop (1996)

as "Frank Rebbins"

The Secret Agent Club (1996)

as "Max Simpson"

Space Marines (1996)

as "Captain Gray"

Broken Trust (1995)

as "Peter Wyatt"

Sorceress (1995)

as "Howard Reynolds"

The Royal Affair (1995)

Star Witness (1995)

Sexual Malice (1994)

as "Richard"

Demon Keeper (1994)

as "Remy Grilliard"

Guarding Tess (1994)

as "Barry Carlisle"

Hard Drive (1994)

as "Examiner"

The Ice Runner (1993)

as "Jeffrey West"

Red Sun Rising (1993)

as "Decklin"

Body Language (1992)

as "Charles Stella"

Shootfighter Fight to the Death (1992)

as "Mr. C"

The Girl From Mars (1991)

Paradise (1991)

as "Francis Hiller"

Exiled in America (1990)

as "Filipe Soto"

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (1990)

as "Kurt Williams"

Mind Games (1989)

as "Dana Lund"

Wild Zone (1989)

as "Colonel Lavera"

The Underachievers (1988)

as "Danny Warren"

Accidents (1988)

as "Eddie Powers"

Fist Fighter (1988)

as "Punchy"

The Rescue (1988)

as "Commander Merrill"

Distortions (1987)

as "Jason Marks"

Getting Even (1986)

as "Taggar"

Terminal Entry (1986)

as "Captain Danny Jackson"

Ellie (1984)

as "Tom Jackson"

Blood Feud (1983)

as "Phil Warton"

Heroes (1983)

The House Where Evil Dwells (1982)

as "Ted"

A Time To Die (1982)

as "Michael Rogan"

Galaxy of Terror (1981)

as "Cabren, Level-Headed Born Leader"

The Purple Taxi (1980)

as "Jerry"

When Time Ran Out (1980)

as "Brian"

Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neil Story (1979)

as "Tom Buchanan"

Black Beauty (1978)

as "Lewis Barry"

The Greek Tycoon (1978)

as "Nico Tamasis"

The Millionaire (1978)

as "Paul Mathews"

The Domino Principle (1977)

as "Pine"

The Squeeze (1977)

as "Jeff"

The Man in the Iron Mask (1976)

as "Athos"

Midway (1976)

as "Lt. Thomas Garth"

Death Cruise (1974)

as "James Radney"

Killer Bees (1974)

as "Edward van Bohlen"

40 Carats (1973)

as "Peter Latham"

Butterflies Are Free (1972)

as "Don Baker"

The Fool Killer (1965)

as "George Mellish"