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Power Rangers
Another You, Another Me

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Brad Paisley
Suggested by Shirley


Love at first sight
You and me that breathless night
Love took shape and body in the morning light
We were sure
This could never have happened before
Never before

Taken away
To a world we'd never seen
Souls and bodies keen to know what love would mean
And we learned
Making up for the nights we had yearned
We made plans
We made a vow
All so far
From what is now
Strangers somehow


Another you, another me
It was the dawn of the first day
And life had only just begun
Another you, another me
The past had nothing more to say
We had our moment in the sun
And I can't see
No, I can't tell you how we came to be
Another you, another me

Never before
Had I said 'Forevermore'
Never felt such urge to learn and to explore
It's so strange
When you asked 'Do you think this will change?'
I said 'No, this is the way
This is how
Our love will stay
Just like today'


And I can't see
No, I can't tell you how it came to be
Another you, another me
Another you, another me . . .