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Power Rangers
Another You

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Brad Paisley
Suggested by Linds

Another You

Yesterday morning, just before noon
I passed a girl wearing your old perfume
And I stopped and stared
I could almost see you standing there
Don't get me wrong---I'm almost over you
But now and then I like to go walking through
Some of our old times
Even though I realize

I'll have another chance
I'll find another girl
I'll see another day
And I'll build another world
I'll start another life just like you told me to
And I'll find another love
But there will never be another you

Night after night I go back through the years
I sit on this porch as the sun disappears
Like we did back then
I remind myself once again


Well, I guess I should thank you

For showing me how love should feel
I know what I'm gonna look for

'Cause I felt it when you held me


Another you . . .