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Open Your Eyes
Power Rangers

Open Your Eyes
Nick Lachey
Suggested by Jen 

Open Your Eyes

He told you he could be the man that I could never be
He has a way at making promises that he can't keep
He gets so angry when I try to point this out
And still it's you who's always calling me this late at night
I know you miss the way I used to hold your body tight
You needed me, girl but you never say it

If you love him more just tell me so (tell me so)
But do one thing for me before you go

Open your eyes
Girl, if it's love
Why can't you sleep at night

Open your eyes
Why don't you tremble when he holds you tight
If it's the last thing that I ever do
Let me make this clear to you

Open up your eyes
Don't be blinded by his promises
Open your eyes
The one he says isn't who he is
There's more to us than you realize
So open your eyes

I know our history is something that we can't ignore
Just give me half the chance I'll make it better than before
Worse thing I did was give you wings to fly away
And if it's yesterday that keeps your heart from coming home
Girl, I apologize for all the things that I've done wrong
To lose your love would be the price too high to pay

He can't love you more than I do
Girl, don't let his sweet lies blind you


Oh no . . .
Every night
I stay alone and pray that you
Wake up and find
My love is waiting here